Monday, August 3, 2009

STUDY abroad?

So it seems that I am finally settling into life in Auckland. Over the past few weeks, this city has gone from strange and foreign to familiar and friendly. I don't know who decided to make people go to school while they're abroad... I am finding it very hard to concentrate on school work while making new friends and planning weekend trips. I'm sure once I start having papers due and tests that I will force myself into some sort of school mode. I like my classes, for the most part. My Philosophy of Buddhism class is extremely interesting and thought provoking, I think it will quickly become my favorite. This past weekend I stayed in the city. On Saturday morning, I went to a farmers market. It was great! Vendors were there selling all sorts of local produce, nuts, honey, baked goods... everything was so fresh and everyone was so friendly. I'm looking forward to doing more of my food shopping there. In the middle of the tent area there were two musicians playing music while everyone went about their shopping. I only wish it wasn't on weekends when I will be away for most of the time! This weekend we are planning a trip to Rotorua... where we will go white water rafting, "zorbing", and maybe even get to a thermal spa!

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